Commission Hero Review

Commission Hero Review

Commission Hero Product Review - Success with ClickBank Guaranteed

What is Commission Hero?


Commission Hero is a paid-traffic marketing education product that will teach you how to earn money online. It focuses on affiliate product promotions as offered by ClickBank. For anyone who has not heard of ClickBank - it is the platform, kind of an online store, where vendors list the products they spent resources creating and make them available to the marketers for promotion in return for a commission.

It has been designed by ClickBank’s most successful affiliate marketer, Robby Blanchard. His approach to teaching is different in that he doesn't only share his tools and success strategies with his students but wants them to do well, extremely well. In his course he shares the exact method that helped him, an ordinary personal trainer by profession, become financially free.

Once you make it and realise just how EASY it is to create additional income for your family, you wonder why EVERYONE ELSE does not do the same? THEN, you try to teach people HOW you were able to achieve your goals and hope they take your advice and help themselves.

You know what they say – learn from the best and you will succeed.


Commission Hero Tools & Training

The course is really easy to follow even for a complete beginner.

The training is made up of the following modules:

Module 1: Choosing your offers

  • The entire commission hero system
  • How to pick the right ClickBank offers to profit right away
  • How to get 90-100 % commission (it’s what you know as well as who you know that matters)

Module 2: Creating your images

  • Image is the most important part of this system
  • Where do you go to get your designs professionally made for $5
  • How to recognise quickly whether images are working or not – great time, money, and frustration saver!
  • How to turn images into videos for even higher click through rates

Module 3: Setting up your landing pages

  • Detailed analysis of key elements that need to be included on your landing page so that it is compliant with Facebook and highly convertible
  • How to create article landers and quiz landers that guide the viewer to purchase decision
  • Learn how to split test ads variations to get even higher returns and more sales

Module 4: Running Facebook Ads

  • Easy to follow Facebook ads tutorials to remove the shooting in the dark feeling
  • Learn how to set up FB ads to get profitable fast
  • Recognise what makes a winning ad … then know how to scale up for super-profits.

The learning platform looks something like this:



Commission Hero is designed to make everyone successful at affiliate marketing. The course comes with a 12-month guarantee. The method here clearly works and the steps that a wannabe needs to take are clearly designed. What makes the difference between those who make it and those who complain is TAKING ACTION. There is a great difference between consuming content whilst thinking 'I knew that!' and IMPLEMENTING THOSE STEPS. The number one reason why most people fail at online business is NOT taking action - after the course, they just go about their lives as before. 

In a nutshell – if you follow the instructions AND implement them for 12 months and still make no money, you will get your money back – NO PROBLEM. The support team is on hand to answer any questions there may be and help you succeed.




Who doesn’t like a bonus?

Robby Blanchard WANTS EVERYONE to succeed, so he includes some ‘tools of the trade’ – ready-made resources for immediate use to get even a complete beginner going straight away.

You will be getting:

Bonus #1: Million Dollar Image Swipe File

  • 20 images that proved to work for Robby Blanchard
  • Use as a model and an inspiration for creating more images 
  • Fast track your success with ‘tools of the trade’

Bonus #2: Done For You Landing Pages

  • Included landing pages previously used and highly successful
  • Great time-saver – just plug and play!

Bonus #3: Million Dollar Ninja Tactics

  • Scaling Tactics
  • How to get more ad accounts
  • Credit card tricks to earn points
  • How to ask higher commissions
  • How to increase sales by 25 %
  • Strategies that made RB the top Clickbank affiliate!

Facebook Group access:

  • Full support from active commission hero community members
  • Ask questions and get help fast
  • Share your success & get help when stuck

Intrigued and want to find out more?

This is where the importance of thorough research comes in. Don’t take my word for it.

Listen to what Robby Blanchard has to say by clicking on the image below:

[video width="1080" height="1920" mp4=""][/video]


Take a look for yourself and then decide if this is something doable for you. You will need to find time to put all the new knowledge to work and try things out.

If so, Click HERE to sign up for Robby Blanchard’s training.


Commission Hero Support

Supporting both learners and promoters is a high priority for Commission Hero. There a supportive Facebook community as well as personal support, fully backed by Robby Blanchard himself and his team.

Commission Hero Price

The product sells at $997. It is deemed 'a high-ticket product'. However, the risk is alleviated by a 12-month money-back guarantee. There is an option to pay in two installments. ClickBank, one of the largest affiliate network providers, seems to express a lot of trust in this particular product.



Commission Hero at a Glance...


Name: Commission Hero


Owners: Robby Blanchard

Price: $997 one time payment or 2 x $597


  • a lot of students are doing extremely well
  • money-back guarantee
  • good, timely support with queries
  • all the help is given to students to be successful


  • expensive
  • the learning curve to consider
  • Facebook advertising budget

Suitable for beginners: YES




Commission Hero is a very good product that teaches students to become successful at affiliate marketing promoting high-ticket products from Clickbank. It is designed by the #1 Clickbank affiliate and is frequently featured in Clickbank promotions.

Many budding online entrepreneurs who struggle to make a success of their efforts blame it on the product. However, on many occasions, this is the case of consuming content as opposed to implementing it.

Commission Hero method is confident in its success when implemented, and gives a 12-month guarantee.

If the students take the steps and do not achieve success, the fee is refunded. The refund rate is very low which indicates student satisfaction with the content and teaching. 

Please let me know your views and experiences. Perhaps you know someone who uses this product?