E-Selling Machine Review 2023

E-Selling Machine Review 2023

The cue is in the name…

The name of the E-selling Machine is popping around in Google search, adverts, and perhaps it found its way into your email inbox too.

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What is E-Selling Machine?

The E-Selling Machine approach aims to streamline the process of publishing and promoting Kindle books, allowing authors to generate consistent income from their digital publications.

With the right strategies in place, E-Selling Machine can help authors establish themselves as successful self-published authors on Amazon. It offers opportunities for both aspiring writers looking to break into the industry and established authors seeking additional revenue streams.

In recent development, the fast advancing AI means that the proprietary technology that the system uses got even better. Any inspiring author can rustle up a fictional or non-fictional story, in a scarily short time.

Overall, the E-Selling Machine concept highlights the potential of Kindle book publishing on Amazon as a lucrative avenue for writers to showcase their work, connect with readers worldwide, and generate income from their literary creations - royalties will flow for as long as the readers buy the creations.

In her review, Sophie Howard, the author, provides an in-depth analysis of the

E-Selling Machine, a product that aims to revolutionize the world of e-commerce. You can register for an in-depth, informative webinar where everything is revealed HERE.

Sophie is offering a FREE MINI COURSE for those early registrations too, so don’t delay.

What is included in a Free Mini Course and who can access it?

Sophie is now offering a free mini course called the E-Selling Machine. This course provides valuable insights into Sophie's eBook marketing system without requiring you to pay for the entire course upfront.

Throughout the mini course, you will learn important details about how Sophie generates consistent income online without relying on investments, shares, real estate, or other traditional money making strategies.

Additionally, you'll discover how to set up income streams even if you don't have any special skills or prior experience in this field.

Find out about Sophie's impressive track record of building multiple 7-figure businesses and why she is particularly enthusiastic about this new passive income opportunity.

Explore real-life success stories from students who have completed Sophie's course and began earning money online.

To get started, simply provide your name and email address through the online form to access a free mini course.

This mini course consists of 4 steps that will help you determine if you want to invest in full access to the E-Selling Machine program.

Step 1) Register for an upcoming coaching session.

Sophie offers regular free coaching sessions where she shares valuable insights about her eBook marketing system. In these sessions, Sophie covers the fundamentals of her approach, the amount of income it has generated for her, and why anyone can follow her steps to potentially earn passive income. This provides a great opportunity for individuals interested in learning from Sophie's successful experiences in eBook marketing.

Step 2) Watch Sophie’s case study.

Sophie has found great success in eSelling, generating up to $20, 000 per month. If you're interested in learning more about her methods, a free case study is available. This case study will uncover how Sophie generates income by selling eBooks and digital guides online.

Step 3) Complete the free online video course.

The video course comprises 9 modules that delve into Sophie's business system and offer comprehensive insights into how it operates. Sophie openly shares detailed information about her business, including its origins, strategies for replicating her success, and the reasons why she firmly believes that E-Selling Machine can be beneficial to others.

Step 4) Watch two more case studies.

In the last section of the free E-Selling Machine mini course, you will find two case studies featuring successful eSellers. One of them has managed to generate a monthly income in the five-figure range by selling digital products! The other utilizes AI technology to identify highly profitable niches.

Once you've completed all four steps of the course, you'll have the option to purchase the complete E-Selling Machine system.

A comprehensive step-by-step video training:

This is its core component. These instructional videos are designed to guide you through Sophie's successful business model in a clear and easy-to-follow manner. With these videos, you will learn how to create and publish eBooks, which can potentially generate passive income as valuable digital assets. It is worth noting that the value of these videos alone is estimated at $2,997.

Access to Expert VIP Concierge Team:

As an E-Selling Machine customer, you'll have exclusive access to Sophie's VIP concierge team for the next 12 months. This dedicated team is here to assist you whenever you encounter any challenges. Whether you need more information about Sophie's business, feedback on your own business, or any support necessary to boost your online income, they are readily available to provide valuable assistance.

Sophie’s Little Black Book of Contacts:

Sophie has put in years of hard work and learned from her mistakes to develop her successful business. In Sophie's Little Black Book of Contacts, you can gain instant access to a group of reliable professionals who have been tested and proven by Sophie herself. This means you don't have to spend time searching through online marketplaces for freelancers who can help you with eBook publishing - instead, you can rely on Sophie's trusted team right away.

E-Selling Machine Pro:

AI-Enhanced VIP Tools: When you purchase an E-Selling Machine, you not only get the machine itself but also a range of VIP tools enhanced with AI. These advanced tools utilize artificial intelligence and cutting-edge machine learning technology to assist you in various aspects of your writing process. They can generate eBook outlines and tackle intensive writing tasks, reducing the amount of work required on your part. Even if you have limited technical skills, these AI tools can help outline your book, write draft chapters, edit, rewrite, and more. With these powerful tools at your disposal, starting and managing your business becomes much easier and faster.

12 Months of Weekly Group Coaching:

Sophie, the instructor of E-Selling Machine course, conducts weekly group coaching sessions for her students. Participating in these sessions allows you to ask questions, gain valuable insights on business growth, and learn additional tips and tricks from Sophie for successfully publishing an eBook. It's a great opportunity to enhance your knowledge and improve your chances of success in the world of e-selling.

Three 1-on-1 touch point check-ins:

When you make a purchase, you'll receive the added benefit of three personalized one-on-one calls. These calls are designed to help you get started smoothly and familiarize yourself with the program. The first call, called an onboarding call, will guide you through all aspects of your purchase and ensure that you're equipped with the necessary knowledge. In addition to this initial call, two more calls are scheduled - one at 30 days and another at 60 days after your purchase. These follow-up calls serve as check-ins to ensure that you're making progress according to plan. If it turns out that you're not on track during these check-ins, Sophie and her team will step in and create a customized plan tailored specifically for your needs in order to guarantee your success.

Niche Finder Software:

To effectively sell eBooks online, it is crucial to identify the right niche. This can be done by either selecting a topic that aligns with your passion or targeting an obscure subject with limited existing online content. Alternatively, you may choose to compete in high-volume, high-value niches where even a small percentage of traffic can generate consistent income. When you purchase the E-Selling Machine, you gain access to niche finder software that removes all guesswork from this process. This tool enables you to determine the potential profitability of a particular niche and assess the likelihood of successfully selling books within that niche.

Free Fast Start #1: Public Domain Masterclass:

In this masterclass, you'll learn how to publish your first book on Amazon without having to write a single word or hiring a ghostwriter. It's an efficient method that allows you to sell your eBook quickly with minimal effort. This fast start guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to leverage existing public domain texts, such as old literary classics and works with no copyright restrictions, in order to get your book published and potentially start earning money online.

Free Fast Start #2: Low Content Masterclass:

In this second masterclass, you will learn about another topic related to publishing your first eBook online. Similar to the first masterclass, this method allows you to publish a book without the need to pay someone else to write it, and with minimal writing required from yourself. Sophie will guide you through a step-by-step process that enables you to quickly sell an eBook online using the low content method.

Paperback and Audible Profit Multiplier:

Expanding your book's formats to include a paperback version and an audio version can significantly increase your profits without requiring excessive additional effort. By doing so, you effectively triple the amount of content available for each book. In this comprehensive guide, Sophie provides a detailed step-by-step process that she personally employs to create both paperback and audio versions of her books. Implementing these strategies has the potential to multiply your profits or even exceed expectations.

International Profit Multiplier:

If you're looking to significantly boost your profits, translating your book into multiple languages is a great strategy. In this comprehensive guide, Sophie provides a detailed step-by-step process for translating your book and capitalizing on sales in various countries worldwide. Expand your reach and monetize your work globally with these valuable insights.

Access to Fast Launch Facebook Group:

All E-Selling Machine purchases come with access to the exclusive Facebook Group Community. By joining the group, you'll have the opportunity to share your successes with fellow members, compare results, and gain insights from experienced individuals like Sophie and her team.

The Features and Benefits

The online eBook market is thriving with endless opportunities. Despite the presence of numerous writers, there is still room for growth and untapped niches to explore.

Platforms like Amazon continue to witness high demand for digital books, making it a favorable environment for aspiring authors to confidently enter and find their unique audience without excessive competition.

With E-Selling Machine, starting your eBook business doesn't necessarily require a large upfront investment. There are different ways to approach it. You can choose to pay someone to write the book and design a cover for you, or you can take on the task yourself.

Sophie, the creator of E-Selling Machine, provides guidance throughout the entire process. Additionally, you have the flexibility to decide whether you want to invest in buying Amazon ads or start with no upfront costs at all.

Be Successful Even with Zero Writing Experience:

Selling eBooks online doesn't necessarily require you to have prior writing experience. Even if you consider yourself a mediocre writer, it is still possible to create an effective eBook by gathering information from reliable sources on the internet. Alternatively, if you prefer not to write at all, there is also the option of hiring someone else to write the eBook for you.

Sell Online Even With Zero Digital Marketing Experience:

E-Selling Machine is a user-friendly platform that anyone can dive into, regardless of their level of technological proficiency. By simply clicking your left mouse button, you can easily get started. With the help of an accompanying eBook, even individuals with no prior experience in digital marketing can learn how to successfully sell products online.

Zero Design Experience Required:

If you're new to designing book covers or laying out eBooks, don't worry! Sophie has found a solution to this by outsourcing all of her design work. For instance, she doesn't create her own book covers. You'll even get access to the specific designers that Sophie works with, including her top outsourcing contacts.

Niche Finder Software For Finding the Perfect Opportunity:

If you're struggling to find the perfect niche, there's good news! The program has a niche finder tool that can simplify the process for you. With this tool, you'll be able to assess the profitability of different niches and determine the likelihood of selling books within those niches. By targeting the right niche, you'll greatly increase your chances of earning a profit.

Instant Access to the Entire System:

When you purchase the E-Selling Machine, you will gain instant access to all of its features and resources. This applies regardless of whether you opt for the 5 payment plan or the single payment plan. Rest assured that you will have everything necessary to kickstart your journey towards success right away.

Discover How Sophie Earns $20,000 Per Month with 70% Profit Margins:

During some of Sophie’s best months, she has sold around $20,000 worth of eBooks online – many of which sell at 70% profit margins (with the remaining profit going to writers, designers, and the online marketplaces).

Available at 50% Off:

Sophie usually prices her package of digital training tools at approximately $4,000. However, as part of a limited-time 2023 introductory promotion, she is offering them at a discounted rate of 50% off the regular price. By taking advantage of this offer, you can get access to a bundle worth over $12,740 for less than $2,000.

E-Selling Machine Cost

The E-Selling Machine offers two pricing options for your convenience.

  1. The first option is a one-time fee of $1, 988 USD, which provides you with the best value discount.
  2. Alternatively, you can choose the easy 5 payment plan, where you can split the total cost into five payments of $497 each.
  3. When making a purchase for the E-Selling Machine, you have the convenience of paying online with major credit cards or through PayPal.

As soon as your purchase is confirmed, regardless of whether you've made only the first payment in a 5-payment plan, you will receive immediate access to the E-Selling Machine program along with all its bonuses, guides, videos, and other digital materials.

This ensures that you can start benefiting from the program right away.


This innovative machine promises to simplify and streamline the process of selling products online, making it easier for entrepreneurs to establish and grow their businesses.

The E-Selling Machine is designed to automate various aspects of e-commerce, from product sourcing and inventory management to order fulfillment and customer service. It leverages advanced technology and algorithms to optimize sales performance and maximize profitability.


Register for a Free Mini-Course here.

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