Partner With Anthony (PWA) - another affiliate training?

Partner With Anthony (PWA) - another affiliate training?

In a few moments, I am going to share with you my experience with the Partner With Anthony affiliate marketing training program. 

It is important to mention, I think, that I have been doing affiliate marketing for a few years now, with some success. I spent quite a bit of money on various training programs but still felt there was something missing. Then I came across Anthony Morrison and his program PWA. My first thought was - it won’t hurt to take a look, won’t it?

Perhaps you have heard that WHERE you learn/WHOM you learn from is more important than WHAT you learn?

I learned this a long time ago when I was training to be a teacher. It has proven to be so true on many occasions…

ANTHONY MORRISON is one of the self-made internet business millionaires. He has been there and done that. In fact, he has been successfully doing business - affiliate marketing business for a number of years. 

When the economy was booming, and when it wasn’t. 

When the stock market was booming, and when it was not.

When the realty market was booming, and when it was not. 

Affiliate marketing has stood the test of time. It works in any niche. When times are harder, it is easily adjusted…and you can just carry on. 

There are many who teach affiliate marketing. 

The concept of it is really simple but TEACHING is a skill in itself. Not everyone who is good at their job can teach it well too. 

I can tell. I am also a teacher. 

There are some who are so used to doing the job of affiliate marketer that they FORGET what beginners see and what barriers they encounter. Sometimes they forget to mention some important details. We, the people, have the tendency to take things for granted as soon as we get good at them, and then they seem unimportant. 

Well, not Anthony Morrison. To prevent the overwhelm, he structures his teaching in small, manageable daily tasks. I mean - small, 10 minute videos with some food for thought. It is important to get that feeling of achievement. It encourages you to do it again, successfully. 

Next day, and the day after that.

Some days, you reach that ‘aha’ moment when you have just understood something. 

Mindset IS important if you want to succeed. 

Some days, you can just go and do what you have learned. DONE

It’s that easy. 

In addition to that, Anthony introduces a few ‘tools of the trade’ that anyone internet business wannabe needs. You do need some platform to work with, after all. He is completely transparent about this and demonstrates how affiliate marketing works in reality. It is digestible. It is completely doable, even with a full-time job and the family whilst still learning (do you ever stop learning?).

His program is called PARTNER WITH ANTHONY because all of his students become not only his affiliates (where they and also he earn commissions on software products) but earn their own commissions by using his platform to promote other products. All the while helping someone else learn the skill of affiliate marketing! 

Why would he do such a generous thing?

Well, this truly is a win-win situation. Both parties earn money. They help each other. They are both happy. Why wouldn’t you do it?

The pricing of the program makes it really accessible - you can choose to pay $7 per month or opt for a lifetime deal of $97.

There is another fantastic gift that you get access to when you join the program. As well as the PWA Facebook group and the support of the community, there are weekly live Success Connection meetings at which Anthony breaks down a chosen business and gives it away - for FREE!

All you need to do is copy the link and you’re good to go!


Why don’t try it for yourself by clicking the link HERE.